Live with someone’s shadow

I don’t know…

it’s always happen in my life..i feel that there is someone become my shadow..

whether it’s a human being or a ghost arround me? i dont know..

But i think that is a human being,,it’s steal my freedom..

i can live normally because of its

may be i have many mistakes!!! or my God want to me so that i always have a someone’s shadow??one more time,i say”i dont know”

Can u imagine that it disturb me everywhere…everytime…and everytime….

you know that it’s always happen in my life…unfortunately…i have 3 shadows now..

first, my own shadow and other are someone’s shadows whereas usually i have only one someone’s shadow in my live….

if i try to know about this shadow,it far from me…but

if i dont care about it, it come and near with me….

it’s a stranger shadow….

i dont know what i must to do?

anyone can help me??


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