My Presentation @ TEDxPPSI

Ok now, this time for me to share about technology in this TEDxPPSI’s blog. i’ll conclude that presentation. it happened on April 28 2011, but actually it’ll show on a day before. Because a strange reason that isn’t anyone who will watch the speaker. Ouch.. that’s a pity of that speaker huhuhu..(T.T).On Wednesday, the speaker were Mr. Henri and The writer of this chapter hehehe :). ofcourse that’s me.

Before explaining about that presentation, my friends and i were eating Bek’s Pur. Yea, the sensational taste of meal 🙂 and in the other hand, Mr Henri’s preparing his presentation about “your choice”

For me, i explained about augmented reality. Yea, it’s  a new technology for me. But for some people it has already applied in his/her life. Firstly, i found the unusual and interesting video about it. That is about a magic that is applied with augmented reality. amazing…

then, i have an idea to share in the TEDxPPSi. So i collected the materials and all needs.

Ok, i will give you summary for each video. but first time, i just want to share the meaning of augmented reality from wikipedia: combine two-dimensional virtual objects and or three-dimensional environment into a real three-dimensional and projected virtual objects in real time. Or you can simplify that augmented reality : combine or add in your real time.

Actually, i explained about the implementation or using augmented reality in our life. So i didn’t explain about the matery, process, step etc 😀

For first video was about implementing augmented in NDS game. But thats a pity of me because at that time, it could not be played. it’s .ray file(used GOM Player For testing). Ok never mind, there’s another video. NDS has an augmented reality. If you want to use it, you must have an built in augmented reality code( it’s look like a card). After that, follow the instruction until you must scan that card with NDS’s camera. then you can watch the hell happen on its screen. You will see there an 3D objects  whereas there’s no 3D object in real time.

Second video, iphone in iphone. As the title, this is about apps for iphone so that you can play an augmented reality apps. It’s just look like a card too (built in augmented reality code-look like a barcode) then scan with iphone’s camera then you can operate an iphone in your real iphone (multitouch, zooming, click etc). 

Third video, kompas augmented reality. You can download the AR plugin/ application in website:  then capture AR code in your newspaper with your PC/Laptop’s webcam. Watch out! There’s something in your screen

Fourth, for toys. You’re able to rise an character of your favourite hero (for example ‘avatar’ from this video) then just let it down to fight each other. Funtastic.. 

Fifth, implementation of AR for your Advertisements or product. I’ll show you in a Tissot product. Yea, it’s so cool. You can wear and try its expensive watch, put the AR code in your hand then scan with your computer and see at the screen.. It look like an real. You can choose a model, bracelet and even take photos for yourself. Exactly you can sent it for your mobile device. Wow…

Now, I will summary 3 more videos on one paragraph. The next video about business card. With this AR, you can update your status from social networking such as twitter, Facebook, perhaps friendster.. hehe.. then u can upload your portofolio and make a call directly.  Two more video, it’s about the future concept in Japan, exactly in 2020. Japan will develop an AR glasses. Wow,.. you can show weather, go shopping, clubbing, meet friends and family just like 3G and the most important things that u’re like a MAD 😀 😀  because operate everything just touch in front of you 😛 . The last one, it’s about firstly that I’ve told you : That is about a magic that is applied with augmented reality. amazing…

So… This is it. check it out NOW..  please follow this link–>



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